Issues:  Tests and challenges of modern life

Physician Assisted Suicide, Part I

Polemical and emotionally charged end-of-life legislation has been repeatedly proposed in Vermont.

Physician Assisted Suicide, Part II

Advocacy groups and the merits and dangers of legal endorsement of physician assisted suicide.

Physician Assisted Suicide, Part III

Differing perspectives from thirteen years of experience in Oregon.

Death By Suicide, Part I

Addressing a sobering public health issue.

Death By Suicide, Part II: Preventing Suicide Among Teens and Young Adults

Preventing the forever decision.

Smart Meters

Advocacy groups and some citizens feel advanced-feature meters threaten privacy, health, and security.

Domestic and Sexual Violence

Recognizing and preventing unhealthy, and dangerous, behaviors.

Preventing Sexual Violence

A community works to counter the staggering impact of sexual violence.

Promoting Healthy Relationships

The more traditional gender beliefs are, the more sexual assaults there are.

The Trip of a Lifetime

Four friends confront the consequences of a seemingly innocent ski vacation.

The School Committee and Me

When my children were in public high school fourteen years ago, I tussled with the school’s elected board over issues arising from the murder of a student.